Why Sponsor ?

Joomla! is an Open Source Content Management System (CMS) that is widely used by millions of websites across the world. From basic personal sites through to corporate intranet portals and e-commerce websites, Joomla! is extremely diverse, easy to develop and administer, and user friendly.

Target audience

The audience will be primarily Joomla! Content Management System developers, designers, administrators and users, Business owners & technologists as well as Joomla end users with job titles including: 

Web developer, Web designer, Web administrator, Hosting manager, Creative designer, CEO, CTO.

Delegates will come from a range of public and private sectors, both national and international, in various markets, actively seeking information about Joomla! and other areas of web-based technology. We Expect over 150 delegates from all over South Africa to be present.

Expert Speakers

Joomla! Day Cape Town, South Africa 2011 is attracting many high profile speakers from around the world, with members of the core Joomla! team & leading Extension Developers talking on a range of areas from basic Joomla! setup through to security, managing large and complex sites, and how Joomla! is developing in line with advances in web technology.

A key theme throughout the event will be Joomla! 1.6 and future developments, with speakers providing showcases on several extensions.

Why should I sponsor Joomla! Day in South Africa?

There are a range of flexible sponsorship options available for Joomla! Day in South Africa. If you want developers, designers or administrators to engage with your product, then this is the ideal stage to do it! The wide range of attendees makes this conference the ideal opportunity to meet and source potential new clients, and raise awareness of your own brand.

We can help you to promote your company by creating brand visibility and networking opportunities at pre-event, event and post-event.

With the option to speak at the conference as a speaker, you can reach 150+ potential clients as a respected and valued source of information, which can help to develop your market penetration. Whats more the Joomla Day website is another place where your brand shall be shown & it receives hundreds of quality visitors daily.